Social Media Plan

Personal Social Media Plan Proposal

  1. I.                    Introduction

My topic for my social media plan for this term will be following trends and communication networks of cause-related marketing, and the organizations that participate in it.  I am choosing this topic because I have been interested in non-profit work, and I like the idea of gaining a further understanding of why and how cause-related organizations choose to market and brand themselves.  I have no professional background in this topic outside of my previous non-profit/volunteer work that I have participated in for a handful of organizations; mostly local.

My social media habits have recently become more vast and expanded as I have been a more active member on various social media sites that I have previously not been a member or had interest.  I am currently on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest, spending the majority of my time on Facebook and Twitter.  I spend my time on those social media sites because that is where I have found the most immediate and interactive platforms that encourage engagement and interactive simply.

  1. II.                  What & Who

With my social media plan I hope to accomplish a deeper understanding of the influences that go into the decisions and public marketing of cause-related organizations.  I hope to engage conversations about tactical marketing and tangible resources used for marketing on a low budget.  My strategy to obtain understanding and knowledge will be to maintain active online and build relationships with people who are interested in the same field.  I also hope to create personal content and review various blogs and social media sites focused in the same area to gain new perspectives and share personal opinions and ideas.  Connect with family and friends to expand to new contacts and explore passion for cause-related organizations, establishing myself as a professional by harnessing new characteristics of the marketing trade.

I want to connect with fellow students and professionals interested in the same field of cause-related organizations and cause-related marketing from both inside and outside of various organizations.  People who are passionate about a cause and know the importance and resources that social media creates for a low-budget organization.  I want to connect with people who spend time on various social media sites, however focusing on Twitter and Facebook as they are my own primary resources, along with blogs.  I will connect with these individual through online connections and content and by following and commenting on their tweets and blogs to hopefully engage them to follow and read mine as well.

Connect and share content created by myself and others that focus on cause-related marketing and how cause-related organizations are expanding their message by remaining active and involved on social media.

  1. III.                How will you reach this goal?

The social media tools that I will be using are Facebook, Twitter, and tumblogging.  Each will bring a different aspect to my plan and give me different insights varying from professional to unprofessional and student content.  Facebook will be a platform to engage friends and family in conversation about my topic, to give insights into different demographics who are active on popular/mainstream social media.  Twitter will allow me to engage and follow various professionals current or previously active in my topic and with experience in cause-related organizations, allowing me to conversationally respond or comment as well.  Tumblogging will be a new social media tool to me, but one I foresee being highly beneficial from the professional standpoint; where I can follow specific professionals or organizations to expand my knowledge of this topic and where the industry is headed. It will be beneficial because I will be able to hold all of the blogs I want to follow in a central location that is easy to navigate.

I will use my personal Facebook page to engage with friends and family once a week about their perception of various companies and the trends they follow and are motivated toward.  I create a Twitter account to follow at least 25 influencers connected to my topic and participate in conversation at least three times a week.  I will also follow at least 12 various blogs related to my topic or PR/marketing to gain new insights from personal experience to new organizational trends.

I will measure my success by sticking to my plan and becoming a more active member of the social media network.  I hope to make at least five personal connections related to my topic that I will be able to more conversationally express my ideas and opinions.

  1. IV.                You Blog

The focus of my blog will also be cause-related marketing, with more of a focus on understanding (specifically) cause-related marketing in organizations, where my social media plan will gain me further insight into more general PR and marketing tactics. My blog will follow the trends and marketing tactics of cause-related marketing strategies and which were the most effective and which were not and why.

I will follow the steps assigned to the assignment by setting up my initial blog, about page, and blogroll.  Then I will consistently blog once a week from week 3-10, leaving a comment on a different blog of my choice every week from week 4-10 and week 4 I will create a code of ethics for my blog.

Editorial Calendar:

Week 3: Month’s most popular social media marketing for cause-related organization
Week 4:
Influences of social media on PR and marketing
Week 5:
Marketing online with a low-budget
Week 6:
Expanding knowledge and awareness through marketing on social media
Week 7:
(Specific organization’s) tactics and methods of marketing and outreach
Week 8:
Does the cause say it all?  How do you get people involved and informed?
Week 9:
How does cause-related marketing effect consumers in relation to profit organizations?
Week 10:
The future for social media in relation to cause-related marketing

I plan to have a successful blog through my consistent and persistent research and activity on social media.

  1. V.                  Plan Checklist

a)      Set up Twitter account – April 17
b)      Set up tumblogging page with 12 blogs on my topic –April 18
c)       Write bio, choose background, write 3-4 tweets – April 19
d)      Post first Facebook update –April 19
e)      Follow 20 influencers on my topic –April 20
f)       Comment twice a week on different blogs –ONGOING
g)      Update Facebook with new topic –ONGOING
h)      Tweets 8-10 times a week -ONGOING


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