Nonprofit Case Statement

Nonprofit Case Statement


                Donations to ‘To Write Love on her Arms’ helps to educate and protect the pre-teen and teen demographic to prevent suicide.
The story of the organization hits close to home to the purpose and mission of ‘To Write Love on Her Arms’.  This organization was created by four friends who had encountered one of their friends going through an extremely rough time.  As they watched their friend go through a lot of hardship and extreme depression, they decided to take action and acknowledge the unspoken cry for help and friendship.  ‘To Write Love on Her Arms’ was created to bring awareness and understanding to teens struggling with the suicidal tendencies that can occur through hardship and times when sometimes friends aren’t enough.
‘To Write Love on Her Arms’ is an organization that brings awareness and understanding to teens you are concerned or contemplating suicide.  It has a mission to prevent suicide and also bring awareness to the benefits of life with a supportive platform and supported fan base.
The problem is that, though there are many supporters musically, the organization is mainly music based and needs some more attention from a different industry.  They have made various t-shirts and accessories as reminders and promotions of the cause, but the fashion industry can be utilized more extensively.  The proposal is to bring awareness of the cause in the fashion industry.
The organization has been consistently promoting and advocating against teen suicide for the past six years and with that success, expansion and wide-spread awareness is necessary.  The music industry has had a huge part of taking action and fighting for the cause, but studies show teens care a lot about their appearance.  To get involvement in the fashion industry, a more visual outlet for awareness, the cause of ‘To Write Love on Her Arms’ can increase in size and capability.
Donations to this organization will allow for products and promotions to exist in high-profile fashion shows, blogs, magazines, etc. where many teens will be present.  The goal of this expansion is not to force suicide awareness on teens, but to share the understanding and awareness that you are not alone and there are people who want to support and keep the hope alive.




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