News Release

HealthWay Pharmacies Inc.
1000 West Main Street
Anytown, YS 11111

News Release


Jan. 30, 2012                                                                                                      Kat Shannon
Director of Public Relations

Health Way Pharmacies Inc. partners with Your State Employees Association (YSEA) to provide new mail-meds service

EUGENE, Ore. – Health Way Pharmacies Inc. will now provide prescription services via mail to members of the YESA Health system starting Feb. 27.

Over 1 million YourState employees will now have access to the Health Way mail-meds service.  This partnership bridges the gap between Health Way customers in Anytown, and YESA members in Othertown who are both in need of similar healthcare services.

“Health Way has been looking for the opportunity to expand its successful mail-meds service currently in Anytown, and partner with YESA to create numerous benefits for all parties involved,” says VP of Operations for Mail-Meds, Edwin Riley.

Health Way Pharmacies Inc. is a company that prides itself on customer satisfaction and creating a healthier future for the residents of YourState.

Health Way believes YESA to uphold high values and consumer goals and is enthusiastic about the partnership and expansion of the mail-meds service.



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