Media Alert

HealthWay Pharmacies Inc.
1000 West Main Street
Anytown, YS 11111

Media Advisory


Jan. 24, 2012                                                                                                    Kat Shannon
Director of Public Relations

HealthWay Pharmacies Inc.
to announce new store opening

What:  HealthWay will introduce new store to extend distribution of products from Anytown into Othertown, Wednesday, Jan. 25.
HealthWay stated that any further inquiries can be directed to a brief of the new site on the HealthWay website.

Who: Marsha Robinson, Chairman and CEO, will announce the new HealthWay Pharmacies Inc. store in the media room of the Mansfield Towers.

Where:  The corporate offices for HealthWay Pharmacies Inc. is at 1000 Main Street West, Mansfield Towers.  The media room is Room 102 in the lower lobby.
The media room in Mansfield Towers accommodates to TV cameras and holds a capacity of 1,500.

When:   The news conference will begin at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 25, and will last 80 minutes.  Both CEOs of HealthWay, Marsha and Jack Robinson, with the mayor of Othertown will make statements, and both will take questions.  Copies of the statements will be available for members of the news media during and post conference.




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