Feature Story

New Mail-meds program delivers convenience to new YSEA members

    Her feet hit the floor.  She felt her blood rushing through her veins as she slowly raised her head to squint through the sunlight.  Reaching out to her left, she grabs onto the handle and pulls it towards her.  With a deep breath she heaves herself up and takes another long deep breath in before straining to take her first step morning step.

Struggling with recovery from a hip replacement and two knee injuries, getting around just hasn’t been the same as she remembers the ease of it.  She inches her way to the front of the bathroom cabinet to take the last dose of her prescription medication she had.  Her pain has been strengthening and her prescriptions have been the only thing allowing her to keep sanity.

Walking out to the kitchen to get her morning coffee she heard a knock at the door.  “I thought to myself, it’s a Monday, my daughter visits Tuesdays and Thursdays, but who would be here at 10 a.m.?”  When she went to open the door, astonishment rushed over her and excited relief grew in her eyes as she looked down at the package sitting on her welcome mat.  She cautiously picked up the package addressed to Ms. Fae Marie with a return address to Health Way Pharmacies Inc.  She brought the package inside.

With a sigh of relief she let herself drop down onto the couch.  Staring out her window, she got a strange inkling.  She reached into her purse to check her lists and schedule for the day.  Sure enough, ‘HEALTHWAY DELIVERY!’ she read at the top of her planner.  Had she forgotten?  Late last month she had received news about YourState Employees Association (YSEA) partnering with Health Way Pharmacies to create a new service that provides prescriptions via mail directly to your home, and as a member she qualified.

Today was the day.  Just as she was about to call her daughter to give her daily news and schedule, the phone rang.  “Hello,” she said a bit intrigued, “this is Fae Marie, how can I help you?”  She was very surprised to hear who the operator was on the other line.  “Hi, this is Marsha Robinson, how are you doing today Ms. Marie?  This is Sam Grinkle an employee of Health Way.” “Yes?” “I am calling to ensure you have securely received your prescriptions this morning in the mail.”

Wow.  Fae had never been so taken back by a company in all of her 73 years of life.  Never had she been given such acknowledgement and care from a single company.

“It was pretty surreal.  Not only did I get to stay at home and receive my prescriptions timely,” she said with a smile, “but having a representative call the day I receive their service, they ensured my comfort and service as well.  It was amazing.”

Fae called Health Way back later that day to extend her gratitude and appreciation for the consideration and respectfulness of the new facilities operations.  The partnership between Health Way and YSEA members have allowed for numerous senior members living in both Anytown and Othertown, to receive a product and service with an ease of convenience.

Only after her call back to the company did Fae find out that over one million YSEA members have received this new mail-meds service and the company now assists over 50,000 senior members with conditions hindering their capabilities to receive in-store pharmaceutical services.

“I remember after my surgery the physical strain and stress that it caused me to go across town to pick up my prescriptions,” she recalled, “my daughter had to come pick me up and drop me off and work around her weekly schedule.  It was just inconvenient.”

Relaxing on her couch and waiting for her daughter to come over for a visit, Fae reminisces on the casual and laid back morning she enjoyed the of her first Health Way mail-meds delivery.  “I’m happy to just be able to enjoy my hobbies and the things and people I love at my own convenience and pace without the stress and strain of getting ready and going out just for a prescription pick-up.”

“At my age you don’t want to worry about your meds, it makes you feel old and assisted,” she said with a bit of a laugh, “I’m happy with living a mellow life, and the mail-meds program has allowed me to focus on my quiet peaceful life where I can stay and go as I please.”  As she pets her cat Lulu on her lap, Fae takes in a deep breath and smiles with the enjoyment of a secure and relaxing home life.


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