Cover Letter

1858 Harris Street
Eugene, OR 97403
January 16, 2012


S. Johnson
Recruitment Specialist
Health Way Pharmacies, Inc.
1000 W. Main Street
Anytown, YS 11111


Dear S. Johnson:

As a recent graduate from the University of Oregon with a Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations Journalism, I hope to become a part of the successful and progressive community at Heath Way Pharmacies Inc..  I am looking for an opportunity to expand my knowledge in my professional field and have taken great interest in your job posting for a writer as an entry-level public relations specialist.

Interning with the marketing department for athletics at the University of Oregon during my college career has helped me develop valuable skills such as proficiency in Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, strong organizational skills, excelled oral and written communication skills, and experience creating and distributing promotional material and information.  Working well with others, teamwork, and leadership are important skills I’ve acquired which have allowed me to understand the relationship between a business and its audience as well as the importance of timing and deadlines.  I have strong communication and organizational skills and have applied them in such positions as promoting campaigns or local television shows.

I have accumulated efficient PR skills throughout my previous experiences and believe myself to be an ideal candidate for Health Way Pharmacies position for a versatile and dedicated writer.   There are a lot of things I feel I could learn from this experience along with strengthening and perfecting my writing skills.  I am a determined, hard-worker and I put my personality and passion into all situations that arise.

My experience and background has prepared me to be an asset to your company.  It would be a pleasure to associate myself with Health Way Pharmacies Inc. and would represent the company with the utmost professionalism and dedication in my writing.

Please feel free to contact me at (503) 756-1787 or via email at  Thank you for your time and consideration.




Kat Shannon
Public Relations graduate student


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