5 Ways of Digital Impact

Technology and social media platforms have increased the possibilities and communication methods for public relation practitioners and individual companies. 

Strategic Counselor
Today’s consumers are more educated and engage with brands in new ways.  Staying at the cutting edge of technology and communication, clients must understand where the consumer is going before they get there.

The Next Big Thing
With more transparency and speed of communication and knowledge exchange, companies need to be creating and interesting consumers in new and exciting ways consistently.

For all PR campaigns, cause-related or not, it is extremely vital to ensure relevance to the time and community.  “Effective communication is a real-time responsiblity” and companies need to understand their commitment and responsibility to consumers.

Collaboration of Practitioners
As a result of new communication tactics via social media platforms, collaboration between PR practitioners is now more accessible.  The level of communication and collaboration among various practitioners have increased rapidly and allowed for new ideas and successful communication methods to be shared within the professional industry.

Updating and Thriving
The ever-changing and expanding knowledge of social media has allowed for greater outreach and communication.

What does this mean for public relations practitioners and cause-related marketing?  It means that there are new markets and communication methods to be used that could increase the knowledge and awareness. 


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