Stop Selling, Start Listening.

Regardless of how impacting or strategic a public relations or marketing campaign is, you cannot make a buyer buy without their own personal drive.

Social media is a huge factor for the future of public relations and marketing.  It provides a platform that allows for two-way communication that can be beneficial to both parties.  Using social media, companies and brands can ask questions and engage consumers in conversation and opinion so that a brand/company can create a campaign and/or product that is exciting and appealing to its consumer.

Understanding what buyers care about and want will drive the success of that brand or company and allow the campaigns and marketing strategies to be about the consumers rather than the client.  Broadcasting and sharing information through media releases and press releases have been a traditional outlet for information of a PR practitioner, however, social media now provides the platform to share and listen to the consumer wants and need.  Because of this companies are able to target audiences with more accuracy and dedicate time and money to campaigns and products that the consumer wants.

More and more this world is becoming consumer driven and with new technologies and capabilities, keeping up with the consumer has never been so vital for a company.  It’s time for clients to stop selling and start listening to the consumer, to ensure brand loyalty and congruency.


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