Social Media Global Cheer

Visa is sole payment service of the Olympic games through 2020.  Visa has created Go World, a campaign to encourage global engagement and Olympic spirit throughout the world.  It encompasses multiple social media platforms that allow for a greater reach to consumers.  The campaign encourages fans form around the world to create and submit cheers for their favorite, countries, events and athletes of the games.


“Antonio Lucio, Global Chief Marketing, Strategy and Corporate Development Officer says: “Our global campaign puts fans at the center of the experience and aims to unite the world in a global cheer movement to inspire athlete performances and spread the Olympic spirit” (Kathryn Buford).”

Campaigns like Visa’s Go World can engage consumers and fans in new ways and allow both positive exposure for the brand and (in this case) the Olympic games.  Cause-related marketing has the ability to back big impacts on people and drive interest and engagement of consumers with the campaign.  Social media platforms are low-cost and highly effective tools of outreach and communication that companies need to capitalize on.
It’s obvious that Visa understands its consumers and the target audience it is trying to reach through this campaign by the strategic campaign planning and execution that will hopefully encourage fans worldwide to share in the spirit and excitement of the Olympic games.

Well done Visa!

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