5 Ways of Digital Impact

Technology and social media platforms have increased the possibilities and communication methods for public relation practitioners and individual companies. 

Strategic Counselor
Today’s consumers are more educated and engage with brands in new ways.  Staying at the cutting edge of technology and communication, clients must understand where the consumer is going before they get there.

The Next Big Thing
With more transparency and speed of communication and knowledge exchange, companies need to be creating and interesting consumers in new and exciting ways consistently.

For all PR campaigns, cause-related or not, it is extremely vital to ensure relevance to the time and community.  “Effective communication is a real-time responsiblity” and companies need to understand their commitment and responsibility to consumers.

Collaboration of Practitioners
As a result of new communication tactics via social media platforms, collaboration between PR practitioners is now more accessible.  The level of communication and collaboration among various practitioners have increased rapidly and allowed for new ideas and successful communication methods to be shared within the professional industry.

Updating and Thriving
The ever-changing and expanding knowledge of social media has allowed for greater outreach and communication.

What does this mean for public relations practitioners and cause-related marketing?  It means that there are new markets and communication methods to be used that could increase the knowledge and awareness. 


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Social Media to Build Relationships

“More than 80 percent of PR pros polled in a new survey by Cision and PR News said they use social media primarily to develop relationships with media and influencers, build trust and maintain transparency, share current news, or solicit feedback on products and service” (GlobalNewsWire).

With the new generation of technology and online influences rapidly growing, companies need to understand how to strategically use social platforms and increase brand knowledge and awareness effectively through social media.

Through traditional media relationships, public relations practitioners have built relationships both local and expansive on a professional level.  The reach capability and methods that social media platforms now provide allow for more access and new techniques to engage both consumers and media.  It is becoming increasingly crucial that companies understand the operations of these platforms and use them to their advantage.

Though many companies have successfully created strategic social media plans, it is important that the care and delicacy that was placed with traditional media because of the hard-copy formatting does not lose focus with social media.  Even more than before with traditional media, the expansive capabilities that social media platforms allow clients to both reach mass population of consumers both positively and negatively.  Clients must take care when they use online media sources because the internet is vast and compounding.  Unlike traditional media that you print and review, social media can not be undone.

Companies must rise to the occasion that social media platforms have provided for a communication tool between a company and its consumers.  Social media is not going away.

Cause-related companies too have a greater advantage with the ability to tell their story and motivation and in turn communicate with fans or consumers who share the passion or experience and create a buzz both virtually and through word of mouth.  Rather than pitching to a consumer, you speak and listen and share a conversation with them so that the daunting knowledge of who is the consumer and who is the company blurs into a mutual relationship that in turn leaves the consumer happier and ideally, more loyal to that brand.


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Social Media Global Cheer

Visa is sole payment service of the Olympic games through 2020.  Visa has created Go World, a campaign to encourage global engagement and Olympic spirit throughout the world.  It encompasses multiple social media platforms that allow for a greater reach to consumers.  The campaign encourages fans form around the world to create and submit cheers for their favorite, countries, events and athletes of the games.


“Antonio Lucio, Global Chief Marketing, Strategy and Corporate Development Officer says: “Our global campaign puts fans at the center of the experience and aims to unite the world in a global cheer movement to inspire athlete performances and spread the Olympic spirit” (Kathryn Buford).”

Campaigns like Visa’s Go World can engage consumers and fans in new ways and allow both positive exposure for the brand and (in this case) the Olympic games.  Cause-related marketing has the ability to back big impacts on people and drive interest and engagement of consumers with the campaign.  Social media platforms are low-cost and highly effective tools of outreach and communication that companies need to capitalize on.
It’s obvious that Visa understands its consumers and the target audience it is trying to reach through this campaign by the strategic campaign planning and execution that will hopefully encourage fans worldwide to share in the spirit and excitement of the Olympic games.

Well done Visa!

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Stop Selling, Start Listening.

Regardless of how impacting or strategic a public relations or marketing campaign is, you cannot make a buyer buy without their own personal drive.

Social media is a huge factor for the future of public relations and marketing.  It provides a platform that allows for two-way communication that can be beneficial to both parties.  Using social media, companies and brands can ask questions and engage consumers in conversation and opinion so that a brand/company can create a campaign and/or product that is exciting and appealing to its consumer.

Understanding what buyers care about and want will drive the success of that brand or company and allow the campaigns and marketing strategies to be about the consumers rather than the client.  Broadcasting and sharing information through media releases and press releases have been a traditional outlet for information of a PR practitioner, however, social media now provides the platform to share and listen to the consumer wants and need.  Because of this companies are able to target audiences with more accuracy and dedicate time and money to campaigns and products that the consumer wants.

More and more this world is becoming consumer driven and with new technologies and capabilities, keeping up with the consumer has never been so vital for a company.  It’s time for clients to stop selling and start listening to the consumer, to ensure brand loyalty and congruency.


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The Power of Social Media

Social media cannot be stopped.  With thousands adding to the social network platforms each day, companies are having to keep up with the change and adapt these new social realms.

The power of social media can be seen clearly through an article on Obama’s Tweet meter.  On 9 May 2012, Obama tweeted out to his followers “Same-sex couples should be able to get married.”  This single, simple tweet created a buzz on twitter with a higher outreach and response than previously capable in future generations.  His tweet was retweeted over 30,000 that day and led to not only an increase of twitter followers, but also gave Obama a huge popularity boost on the network.


With the ability to reach an impact consumers and fans with the touch of a button, it seems obvious that  companies must equip themselves with strategic methods of sharing, broadcasting and communicating their brand via social media. 
As companies strive to reach consumers in new and effective ways, social media has given a platform that companies not only share information, but are also able to build a stronger relationship through a two-communication practice.  The power of social media is huge and only getting bigger as new technologies and capabilities allow for more transparency and dependability from a company.  All companies should eventually strive to have a presence on one or more social media platforms in order to reach target audiences and further.

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Social Media on the Frontlines

Social media is here to stay!

It is obvious with the insane increase in social media use by consumers and people, it is apparent that brands and companies should utilize social media platforms.  Companies are able to communicate with consumers in new ways and in a more conversational manner.

Companies and brands have been utilizing social media to bring awareness and drive sales.  Traditional media has been utilized by public relations practitioners, however, new online media such as social media platforms now have the potential to reach consumers at new levels.

With consumers striving to find the latest and greatest and looking for the next great technology, companies have to be on the forefront of technology and stay active online where the consumers are.




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Nonprofits in Social Media

As social networks and social media sites increase in popularity, nonprofits need to figure out strategic ways to utilize these social platforms.

Social media has the potential to reach millions of consumers and further through online networking on social platforms.  As a low-budget communication tool, social media should be used more strategically and effectively because of the ability to reach so many for such a low cost.

Nonprofits much approach social media with a strategic goal in mind and utilize the emotional value and connection of consumers and clients to idealize the cause.  



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